Traditional payment processors (like PayPal, Stripe and plenty of others) don't want your business. "Business opportunities" and others related to the industry are somehow against their new terms of service. They are shutting marketers down in mass #'s and it's a serious problem happening RIGHT NOW to our beloved industry. 
So whats the solution?  Fight back with a friendly and understanding payment solution...

offers a wide variety of benefits and services. We invite you to learn more after you open your account. VLS is focused on helping E1U business owners and VLS members solve the problems associated with sending and receiving money.

The ORU Funds Exchange is a fast and secure way to send and receive money instantly from anyone around the world. Eliminate fees, wire transfers, merchant and bank account scrutiny on any transaction (including high ticket). Follow this simple 3-step process to get set up now. 

The ORU Premium Membership and Elite Graphite Black VISA Debit Card (accepted worldwide, with no credit check or minimum balance) is a 
one-time $24.99 activation fee and $5.95/month. The benefits are nothing short of phenomenal, receive an unlimited amount of money and move money between clients, friends and family for $5.95/month! WOW!
Watch the video to learn more about the ORU Referral Program.


Customer Service
Send Funds To: ORUNOW

We are trying very hard to honor sponsorship protocol so the information above represents your VLS sponsor, unless they are not participating (by updating their VLS profile with their ORU username and referral code).

Watch the video below if you are looking for even more information on the benefits of an
ORU Premium Membership?

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